Responding to the students and parents' interests the National School of Arts has organized extra curricular school education for children in:
"Spectra" fine arts activities
  •        First group /9 - 11 years old/ - drawing and shaping small plastic
  •        Second group /12-14 years old/ - drawing by nature in colors, graphic techniques, figure composition and shaping.
The educational program is performed in the drawing and painting studios, every Saturday. For students different events are planned such as exhibitions, visits to museums and galleries.
Bulgarian national singing school
  •        First group /9 - 11 years old/
  •        Second group /12 - 14 years old/
Group activities take place in the school's halls every Saturday.
Ballet school
  •        First group - beginners
  •        Second group - advanced
The activities are two or three times a week at 18,00h.

     „Dobri Hristov” -  Varna
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