The National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov"- Varna is situated in the center of Varna in a building which is a monument of culture. The school was founded in 1944 and it is the first public music establishment in our area. In 1956 the institution was given the name of the famous Bulgarian musician and pedagogue Dobri Hristov. There were four founders: Hristina Stoyanova - a violin teacher, Nayden Naydenov - a piano teacher, Mila Mihaylova - a piano pedagogue and Vesselina Zaphirova - a classical singing pedagogue. Former pupils of the ''National School of Arts are numerous famous Bulgarian composers, singers, orchestra conductors, fine art lecturers, ballet pedagogues and artists.
       Two new specialties were opened in the 1990s: classical dancing in 1990 and fine arts in 1992. In 2002 the specialty of Bulgarian national instruments and singing started, and in 2008 - pop and jazz singing. Developing the quality and variety of education in 2004 the school became a National institution. There are 26 specialties in three main profiles: music - all the classical music instruments, classical singing, Bulgarian national instruments, Bulgarian national singing, pop and jazz singing, classical dancing and fine arts. Encouraging the creative part of study, the National School of Arts holds out to the audience a students' brass band, a string orchestra, a mixed choir, a Bulgarian folklore group, a percussion band, an accordion ensemble, a guitar band, a diversity of chamber music groups and a children's ballet troupe.
       Varna is a city hosting a wide range of cultural events like festivals of music, ballet, folklore and movies, where our students take active part. They also participate in numerous national events like ballet performances, exhibitions and student competitions abroad.

     „Dobri Hristov” -  Varna
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